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Power Rangers Film to Get Tie-In Mobile Game

power rangers

Power Rangers Film to Get Tie-In Mobile Game

It’s morphing time!

Power Rangers fans will no doubt be looking forward to the upcoming film starring Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks that is set to be released later this year. If you’re pumped for the reboot then you’ll be pleased to learn that a tie-in game is set to be released on mobile devices called Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

As GameSpot reports, the title’s set for a release on iOS and Android, Legacy Wars will be released alongside the film in march and is a multiplayer fighting game that will allow players to go toe-to-toe against many of the famous villains from the series.

power rangers

Developed by nWay, who previously worked on ChronoBlade, the characters and art will be based upon the new designs of the film. Both the game and the film are set to be released on March 24.

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