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7 Mistakes Splatoon 2 Needs to Fix From the First Game


7 Mistakes Splatoon 2 Needs to Fix From the First Game

Even better the second time.

Skippable Dialogue and Update Notes


Splatoon got a ton of updates adding new content, maps and more. One of the more annoying issues in the first game, however, had to do with how you couldn’t ever skip information on updates. Every time you start the game up you have to sit through a short newscast, where Callie and Marie tell you which modes and maps are available right now. Having to sit through these update notes time and again whenever you play the game, can get incredibly grating.

Additionally, the weapons store gives you a brief description of each weapon you unlock when you visit it. Unfortunately, tons of weapons were added to the game in the months after its release. This meant if you hadn’t picked up Splatoon for a few months, you found yourself sitting through a few minutes of item descriptions, just hitting A.

While Nintendo obviously wants players to stay up to date with Splatoon, things ended up feeling much more tedious than they needed to. Splatoon 2 should definitely give players the option of skipping dialogue and updates, and give them an easier menu option to browse it all from.

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