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Fire Emblem Heroes Needs a Constant Internet Connection to Play

fire emblem heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Needs a Constant Internet Connection to Play

Good luck playing on an airplane

Nintendo’s upcoming turn-based strategy mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, requires a constant internet connection much like Nintendo’s other mobile game, Super Mario Run. According to a Nintendo spokesperson that talked to The Verge, “the game connects to servers intermittently, and the amount of data used is within the normal range you could expect for smart device games.”

Fire Emblem Heroes is the second big mobile game to feature popular Nintendo characters. Instead of paying up-front for the game, like Super Mario Run, Heroes uses your typical free-to-play structure. You can get through the whole game without paying a dollar, “That means the game uses what are called time-gating strategies to prevent players from continuously accessing the most rewarding parts of the app without spending in-game currency,” as The Verge states.

Fire Emblem Heroes launches Feb. 2 for iOS and Android devices. Have you ever played a Fire Emblem game before? Will this mobile iteration be your first time playing a game in the franchise? Let us know in the comments.


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