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Dynasty Warriors Godseekers: How to Attack


Dynasty Warriors Godseekers: How to Attack

Attacking – Dynasty Warriors Godseekers

One of the fundamental aspects of Dynasty Warriors Godseekers is learning when and at what time to attack your targets. While it may seem simplistic at first, there is a surprising amount of nuance to each move that you will want to consider before unleashing an insane barrage upon your enemy. To do a basic attack, select a unit and move them within range of your opponent. Once you select the Attack prompt, you’ll be brought into a menu that shows the different attacks along with their power, how much Synchro energy they’ll charge, and range of the move.

You will also be able to see on the enemy’s health bar how much damage this will do to them, so plan accordingly. In Dynasty Warriors Godseekers, you can chain multiple moves together and are only limited by how much Energy you have. Each move takes up a certain amount and you will only gain back this power source at the beginning of each turn so use it wisely. However, don’t by shy about expanding your move set on a group of enemies or an officer, as eliminating them quickly is very important.

Players can also gain a bonus damage if they attack from either the sides or behind an enemy, which will be marked by the word “Advantage” over the heads of a target. Try to line enemies up when you attack from the side so you can do more damage against them with one move. This is especially useful for enemy officers, as you can quickly eliminate them from the battle if you attack from the side. Remember, ranged units can hit targets from atop walls or raised areas. This makes them very hard for your opponent to deal with and lets you fight without any worry for their health.

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