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Dynasty Warriors Godseekers – How to Move


Dynasty Warriors Godseekers – How to Move

Movement – Dynasty Warriors Godseekers

Movement is key to winning any battle in Dynasty Warriors Godseekers. However, some heroes have different patterns than others. When playing this title, the first thing you will notice is the grid pattern across the map. Players can only move their units so far during their turn, which is indicated by the blue squares that appear on the screen when you select a unit. You may only move your character within that predetermined space. But, there are a few tricks to expanding your mobility.

To actually move the character you will need to utilize the D-Pad, not the thumbsticks as those will control the actual camera. Once you begin to move the direction buttons a yellow arrow will appear on the blue squares indicating the path your unit will take to reach that location. You can determine the path manually by utilizing the different D-Pad buttons in Dynasty Warriors Godseekers. After you’ve decided where you want to move, hit X and the unit will then animate and go over to the desired position.

When you are playing it’s possible to have your actual movement limited due to enemies in your path. In order to free up and add more blue tiles to the board, you’ll need to slay the opposing force in your path. This will usually free up space and allow you to move your units around the map normally. There are also certain skills that will either give +1 or +2 to that unit’s mobility, meaning they will now be able to cover more terrain when selected to move.

Units cannot climb walls or raised levels, however, you can jump down most ledges with characters. This can give a nice surprise to enemies that were exposed on their flanks or if you need to make a quick escape during battle. Understanding movement beyond just placing your units in front of enemies is key to victory in Dynasty Warriors Godseekers.

If you want more guides, tips, and walkthroughs make sure to check out our Dynasty Warriors Godseekers wiki.

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