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Destiny 2 Sub-Classes That Would Really Change the Game


Destiny 2 Sub-Classes That Would Really Change the Game

Variety is the spice of life.

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Pet Class – Hunter

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Since the Rise of Iron debut trailer, users have been clamoring for the ability to own their own wolves and send them into battle. Given pet based heroes are rather popular in other class-based titles such as Borderlands and Diablo III, giving Hunters the ability to have their own pet fight for them could certainly add some interesting depth to the combat. Whether your animal companion would come out only during your super or having it by your side 24/7 would need to be tested for the sake of balancing, however.

Truthfully, it would be more interesting to see Bungie expand the Destiny lore and not pick an already known species on Earth like a wolf. Given we have only been shown the briefest glimpses of wildlife on planets like Venus, being able to command an alien animal would help add more flavor and depth to the world. Plus it would tie nicely with the Hunter’s animal themes and armor motifs that they typically sport

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