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Xbox Live, PSN Up and Running on Christmas Despite Hacker Threats

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Xbox Live, PSN Up and Running on Christmas Despite Hacker Threats

Mission: Incomplete

Remember that Christmas back in 2014 when you tried to log in to play your fresh, new games only to find that Lizard Squad had officially become the modern day Grinch? Well, another group threatened to recreate that heartbreaking holiday attack this year but so far it seems their plans haven’t come to fruition.

A group known as the R.I.U Star Patrol threatened to take both PSN and Xbox Live down for the holidays yet again. Despite insisting that they would ruin Christmas for countless players out there, there have been no reports of any attacks on either of the networks.

The news comes with a major sigh of relief considering the group claimed responsibility for taking EA’s servers down as practice for the big holiday hack. The group used their official Twitter page to thank EA for helping them prepare for the planned holiday attack.

“EA tests are over, give the service a few hours in advance for it to completely work the way it’s intended, thanks for participating @EA,” the tweet read.

The group announced also that multiple members had been arrested before Christmas Eve.

“Yesterday two members were arrested,” the tweet read, “today another core member was arrested and along with that, goes the star cannons. #Powerless”

The group insists that the arrests had nothing to do with their planned holiday attack. Either way, the arrests may have been the only things that kept both Xbox Live and PSN running smoothly throughout the holidays.

Other tweets from the group, however, suggest that while their plans to ruin Christmas were thwarted they are considering other high traffic times to snatch the networks down and they might even randomly target other holidays.

“The aliens who stole easter?” one tweet pondered.


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