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Dumbledore Embraces His Sexuality In Special LGBT Benefit Comic


Dumbledore Embraces His Sexuality In Special LGBT Benefit Comic

Love Is Love

For many Harry Potter fans, Dumbledore’s sexuality wasn’t really a secret but it certainly wasn’t something that was explicitly expressed in film or literature—until now.

A special benefit comic, Love Is Love, brings characters together from a variety of different series and origins in order to celebrate the LGBT community and support them following the tragedy that happened at the Orlando Pulse nightclub.

The comic itself is a special work as it shows a wide variety of characters standing in solidarity with the community but a particularly eye-catching illustration comes from the world of Harry Potter that even received J.K. Rowling’s blessing.

The illustration is a black and white masterpiece that features Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Dumbledore lifting their wands in the air to create the only colorful part of the entire illustration—a rainbow.


The imagery itself is enough to evoke quite an emotional reaction for any reader but the text itself is what brings the beauty of this message home.

“Difference of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.”

The quote, directly from Dumbledore himself, is perhaps the first time Dumbledore’s sexuality has been such a focal point on such a large stage.

Outside of this comic, Harry Potter fans only had a variety of strong suggestions that Dumbledore was gay along with the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series that Rowling revealed will further explore his relationship with Grindelwald.

Love Is Love will be released on December 28 and all proceeds from the special comic will go towards helping the victims and survivors of the tragic Orlando shooting.

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