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DidYouKnowGaming? Explores Cancelled The Flash Game

The Flash

DidYouKnowGaming? Explores Cancelled The Flash Game

Gone in a flash.

DidYouKnowGaming? explored yet another canceled game in their recurring series Unseen64. The most recent episode focused on a take on The Flash.

The game was in development by Bottlerocket Entertainment under the banner of Brash Entertainment. The publisher was looking to create a series of new games utilizing comic book characters, attempting to break the curse that plagued many licensed titles. The game was originally set to include an entire map of the United Stated, allowing the Flash to visit locales such as Gotham City and Metropolis, helping out other heroes if they need assistance. After the developers decided that this approach would prove too overwhelming for players, especially for the Flash’s first open-world adventure. They decided to set the game in two neighboring cities: Keystone City and Central City.

Gameplay would revolve around the scarlet speedster sprinting through the urban jungle, racing against the clock to disarm bombs, defeat thugs and take down his super powered gallery of rogues. The combat system would have assigned a button to each enemy on screen, letting the player choose how they approach every encounter, delivering a flurry of high-speed punches or enveloping foes in a crimson tornado.

The game was canceled in 2009 when Brahs Entertainment filed for Bankruptcy and no one else wanted to finance the project. The Scarlet Speedster never got is solo open world game, instead appearing in other titles such as the Injustice fighting games.

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