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The NES Classic Will Be in Stock Soon at the Most Random Retailer

Where to buy Nintendo NES

The NES Classic Will Be in Stock Soon at the Most Random Retailer

Maybe video games and skinny jeans really do belong together

Anyone who is remotely intrigued with retro gaming or is a huge fan of the Nintendo brand has been fighting to get their hands on Nintendo’s adorable and incredibly sought after NES Classic Edition mini console.

The tiny gaming console has caused quite a fuss for consumers as one major retailer after another quickly sold out of the item and have since been struggling to restock.

Well, it turns out a new retailer will start selling the NES Classic Edition console in hopes to get it in gamers’ homes before Christmas.

Starting on December 6, you will be able to purchase the NES Classic Edition from Urban Outfitters.

This is not a joke, people.

Urban Outfitters took to Twitter to announce that they would officially stock the console to sell online only for $59.98.

Three days to go! The Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be available online on Tuesday, 12/6. #UOTech #UOGifted

A photo posted by Urban Outfitters (@urbanoutfitters) on

Like every other retailer that once offered the console on their online stores, however, Urban Outfitters has already warned that inventory will be limited.

“Urban Outfitters is pleased to announce that we will be carrying a limited inventory of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console,” a company spokesperson announced in a statement. “The highly sought-after game system will be available online at on December 6th. The product will not be available in store.”

It isn’t clear if the console will start selling immediately at midnight on Tuesday but those eager to get one should probably play it safe.

If even the Nintendo store is struggling to keep the item stocked, it’s safe to say that Urban Outfitters won’t be able to keep any in stock for long either.

Either way, the offering may seem a little bizarre at first.

Sure it’s a popular item but why would anyone expect to find a Nintendo NES Classic on sale at a clothing store?

If you take a step back from the fact that Urban Outfitters is usually busy stocking skater skirts and skinny jeans, however, their decision to start selling the mini console isn’t too far outside of their usual business model.

Urban Outfitters has been unofficially deemed a hipster mecca for many shoppers and they have a history of stocking quirky items that you would never expect to find in a clothing store.

Let’s not forget that you can also purchase VR headsets and drones from Urban Outfitters all while taking advantage of bomber jacket sales and sifting through an entire collection of velvet apparel.

What a time to be alive.

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