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All of the Differences Between For Honor’s Factions


All of the Differences Between For Honor’s Factions

Who stands supreme?

For Honor is very much a game about war. You’ll have to battle against massive armies which include human controlled warriors in order to take over territories and find a home for yourself, and the rest of your faction. Unlike most games of its kind, For Honor doesn’t just throw in two different teams wearing different colors. Instead, there are three distinct factions in the game that have their own unique approaches to battle, even though they share the same classes.

For Honor

There are the Knights, the Vikings, and the Samurai. Three factions that are brought to this one nation simply to live and survive but are thrust into a never-ending conflict with the rest of the world in ruins. While Ubisoft Montreal could’ve easily made the factions little more than alternate skins for the same classes, it actually goes a bit deeper than that. To help you gain a better understanding of each, we’re going to break down each faction for you. 

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