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Destiny The Dawning: Speed Kills Quest Guide & Rewards


Destiny The Dawning: Speed Kills Quest Guide & Rewards

Speed Kills Quest – Destiny: The Dawning

One of the new quests in Destiny: The Dawning will be given by Amanda Holliday (in the Tower hangar) after you rank up once in Sparrow Racing League. It is a multi-step mission that requires you to kill… a lot. The first step of the quest is easy enough and will require you to go to the Plaguelands and destroy a lot of Devil Splicers. Just like other quests, head towards the Archon’s Forge and complete a few rounds until this is finished. Alternatively, if you don’t have SIVA offerings, just do a few bounties or a public event and it should fill most if not all the progress bar up.

After this, you’re going to head towards the Reef and visit Variks so you can pick up a Challenge of the Elders ticket and run through this Prison of Elders challenge mode. This can either be difficult or easy depending on your skill and Light Level, so consider bringing a friend if you’re having trouble. You do not need to complete any of Variks’ score requirements, just kill the three bosses as fast as you can.

When you finish your work on the Reef, the next step is a two parter and will require you to beat the missions “Outbound Signal” and “Fear’s Embrace” on a timer. Don’t worry, you have 20 minutes for each mission, which is extremely generous since they are only scaled for 260 Light. Run through the missions, making sure to just breeze by any enemies you don’t need to engage. Try and save your heavy ammo for the bosses as they will probably give you the most trouble, especially during “Fear’s Embrace” when there are dozens of Taken shooting at you.

Speed Kills Quest Rewards

Once you complete both of these missions head back to Amanda Holliday at The Tower to claim your reward. For all your trouble you’ll get the S-41 Poison Apple Sparrow. Make sure you complete this quest during Destiny: The Dawning, otherwise you won’t be able to obtain this legendary ride.

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