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Destiny The Dawning: How to Get Icebreaker Year 3 (2016)


Destiny The Dawning: How to Get Icebreaker Year 3 (2016)

How to Get Icebreaker – Destiny: The Dawning

The Icebreaker was easily one of the best weapons in Destiny when it first released. Its recharging ammo and the ability to make enemies spontaneously combust made it a nightmare in both PvE and the Crucible. When Year Two was introduced with The Taken King, though, the fan-favorite sniper was left in the past. Guardians everywhere had their fingers crossed for its return when Rise of Iron was announced, but the big weapon reveal for the expansion was a Year Three Gjallarhorn. Finally, with The Dawning upon us, Bungie has found it fitting to reintroduce the Icebreaker at last.

It turns out that the method for getting the Icebreaker in The Dawning is similar to how players received the new Thorn in Destiny: Rise of Iron. You will have access to new Weekly Elite Bounties that you obtain from Zavala. You’ll have to complete these bounties, which each tie into earning points within Destiny’s Strikes. You’ll earn points based on types of kills, time, weapons used, etc. You’ll have to continue completing these bounties in order for the weapon to drop as a reward.

Thankfully, you won’t actually have to embark on a new quest. Just keep completing bounties and hopefully your shiny, white, Year Three Icebreaker will drop.

Good luck and happy holidays, Guardian.

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