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Destiny Strike Scoring: 5 Tips for High Scores


Destiny Strike Scoring: 5 Tips for High Scores

Raining points.

Go Aggressive

destiny dawning

One of the biggest ways to score big in the new Destiny mode is to create chains of massive enemy killstreaks, either via your super or general gunplay. Using a super such as Stormtrance will allow you to sweep multiple enemies at once, allowing you to double down on the number of points you receive. This makes it critically important that you pick sub-classes that can take out multiple enemies at once such as the Stormcaller, Bladedancer, or Sunbreaker class. While passive classes like the Sunsinger and Defender can still do some work, you will want to go for maximum impact if getting a gold medal is your goal.

Make sure to try and feed off each other’s supers, as this will not only create big point boosts but allow you to generate a ton of orbs. Always be on the offensive in Strike Scoring, because speed killing is the goal when it comes to gaining chain medals. The more chain medals you acquire, the better your overall team’s score will be, so try to land your grenades where multiple enemies will be. Another tip is to not use your super on the boss unless it’s necessary, as you won’t gain any extra points for damaging it like you would other enemies they’d summon.

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