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Destiny Make a Rainbow Bounty Guide, and a Special Trick You Can Use This Week


Destiny Make a Rainbow Bounty Guide, and a Special Trick You Can Use This Week

Make a Rainbow – Destiny: The Dawning

With Destiny: The Dawning now out, one of the newest features to join the fray is the Strike Scoring Playlist that tasks users with gaining medals and points in hopes of a Bronze, Silver, or Gold standing. Acquiring these are sometimes part of Daily and Weekly Vanguard Elite Bounties, which can earn you a number of rewards ranging from reputation points to the exotic Icebreaker. However, one of the hardest bounty has to be Make a Rainbow, as it requires players to not only kill 9 enemies quickly, but switch weapons while doing it.

How to Make a Rainbow

In order to nab the elusive Rainbow Medal, you will need to earn a Primary, Secondary, and Heavy medal in quick succession. This means that you’ll need to kill a minimum of three enemies per weapon, with only a few seconds in between each chain. To do this, we first recommend using a heavy weapon like the machine gun or sword, as these are more reliable when it comes to multi-kills if the targets are scattered. For secondaries, use what’s most comfortable, however, we’ve found the sidearm and shotgun to be the most consistent.

When running the Strikes as normal, try and either branch off from your fireteam or get ahead of them. If you deal damage to an enemy but they kill them, you’ll only earn an assist medal. This can cause some frustrating scenarios if your teammates blow up the last target you need. Make sure you’re near nine enemies at the minimum before attempting to Make a Rainbow, and if you can, focus more on lesser foes like Dregs, Thralls, or general Cabal soldiers. Majors can still count in a chain, but you’ll want to make sure they are for your secondary or heavy medal, rather than your primary.

This Week’s Shortcut

There is another way to obtain this medal, yet it’s through grinding the first section of the Nightfall rather than running Strikes. If you want a quicker way to Make a Rainbow, then you’ll want to follow  this comprehensive guide, however this tip is only for this week’s Nightfall. Otherwise, you will just need to hope for certain enemy focused strikes like Shadow Theif, Abomination Heist, and The Devil’s Lair.

With a bit of patience and good timing you can easily earn the Make a Rainbow bounty, just make sure to reload between tries, otherwise you’ll run out of time.

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