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The Best Indie Game of 2016


The Best Indie Game of 2016

The best of 2016’s indie offerings.

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Honorable Mention: Stardew Valley

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It’s award season here at Twinfinite! Starting with a few runner ups, let’s look back at the best indie games from this year and our 2016 winner! 

While it was easy enough to get your fill of action in 2016 with a plethora of shooters and adventure games on offer, Stardew Valley offered something else. Rather than throwing leveling systems, bloodthirsty ghouls, and special abilities at the player, they were given fertilizer, cows, and a watering can. Inspired by old Harvest Moon titles, Stardew Valley puts players in control of a rundown farm and tasks them with turning it into a thriving agricultural, money-making machine.

Tending to livestock and harvesting crops may take a good chunk of time out of each of your virtual days, but on top of that players can try and court one of the villagers, go fishing, and explore vast cave systems, too. Though its agricultural activities may sound more like a list of chores than your standard video game itinerary, Stardew Valley expertly nails that sense of reward when you finally cash your crops in. Expanding your farm and immersing yourself into the life of a farmer has never been so satisfying, and as long as you don’t care about losing significant chunks of your time to it, then Stardew Valley is one of 2016’s indies you cannot afford to miss out on.

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