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All Xbox One Video Game Releases of January 2017


All Xbox One Video Game Releases of January 2017

A slow start to 2017.

January 2017 Xbox One Video Game Releases

Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution (January 11th, 2017)


Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is just as wacky as its name makes it out to be. Having successfully released on PC earlier this year, it’s finally making its way to the Xbox One as the first title in 2017. Players will raise an army, overthrow a tyrant King, and save the oppressed squirrels in this RTS’s single-player campaign. You’ll have to utilize a variety of different strategies if you want to be successful across the game’s 25 levels.

However, the fun doesn’t stop when you’ve completed the game’s single-player campaign, with a multiplayer mode you can test your mettle against other players online.

Rise & Shine (January 13th, 2017)


Rise & Shine is the story of a young boy called Rise, and a legendary gun called Shine. Together, they must save the world of Gamearth from warmongering space grunts of Nexgen. Rise & Shine’s gameplay is a blend of arcade shooter, bullet hell, and puzzle platformer. Players will have to navigate beautifully stylized levels as they use Shine’s different bullet types to access hard to reach areas and defeat enemies.

However, don’t let the cartoony graphics fool you. Rise & Shine is tough as nails and it doesn’t use the term bulletstorm lightly. You’ll be dodging and weaving your way through an onslaught of incoming projectiles, and defeating some huge bosses in the process. Rise & Shine is due to release on Xbox One and PC on Jan. 13.

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