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What’s New in Minecraft’s 1.11 Update: Llamas, Mansions, and More


What’s New in Minecraft’s 1.11 Update: Llamas, Mansions, and More

New enemies, items, and animals to discover.

Minecraft 1.11 New Mobs

illagers minecraft 1.11 update

The Minecraft 1.11 update (also named the Exploration Update) is bringing a ton of new changes to the game. There’s tons of tiny changes coming with the update, but a few major ones as well. We’ll break down everything you need to know first.

Illagers – This new mob is like a villager, but evil. There are two types, Vindicators and Evokers.

Vindicator – This hostile mob will attack players and villagers with their Iron Axe. They can be found in Woodland Mansions, and drop Emeralds or Iron Axes. They’re not a good way to farm Emerald, however, as they do not respawn inside mansions.

Evoker – This mob, also found in Woodland Mansions, casts spells and summons Vexes and Fangs in battle. They’re extremely tough, dealing 6 damage with their attacks, completely ignoring armor. They’ll attack players and villagers, and drop a Totem of Undying and sometimes Emeralds. Fun fact: they change nearby blue sheep into red sheep.

Vex – A vex is like a small, ghostly, evil fairy. They fly around attacking players and villagers with iron swords, and can only be found when they’re summoned by an Evoker.

Llamas – These spawn in herds in Savannah and Extreme Hills biomes. You can tame them, ride them, or lead them in caravans. They’re great for hauling around chests of loot, and can even be equipped with stylish carpets.

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