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What Is Watch Dogs 2? Everything to Know, From Story to How to Play


What Is Watch Dogs 2? Everything to Know, From Story to How to Play

Better than ever.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the original action and adventure game from 2014 where you take control of a modern-day hacker. The first game’s protagonist, Aiden, has been dropped for Marcus Holloway, who is a smart-mouthed, sarcastic, and brilliant individual with a gift for cracking into almost any computer system in place. It’s set in the near future in San Francisco, where virtually everything electronic is connected via the ctOS (central Operating System) causing the line between privacy and public information to vanish. Due to this, a variety of hacker groups have sprouted up all over the country to fight for the freedom of confidentiality and the Blume Corporation who own ctOS.

One of these hacker groups is DedSec, which is a small outfit that Marcus is recruited into after a rather grueling initiation. These young computer geniuses have their sights set on Blume, but in order to do that, DedSec needs to gain as many followers as possible for their digital movement. From here a variety of stunts, hijinks, and dangerous escapades unfold as these five hackers try to bring the Blume Corporation to its knees.

Much like the first Watch Dogs, players are able to tap into almost anything electronic around them and use it to their advantage. With the simple press of a button, Marcus can hack into anything ranging from cameras to electrical boxes to even cars on the road. San Francisco ctOS gives players the freedom to hijack almost anything and use it to complete objectives or incapacitate enemies.

Yet, Marcus’ phone and laptop aren’t the only tools at his disposal as he has two different drones that can be used virtually anywhere within the world. One of these gadgets is the RC Jumper, which can help Marcus slip past defenses unnoticed and hack into physical electrical boxes without needing to be there. The Quadcopter can be used to scout enemy positions and hack into objects such as computers or cameras.


However, sometimes you will need to get your hands dirty and Marcus is more than capable in a fight. If you want to get up close and personal he can use his own makeshift melee weapon which is comprised of a bungee cord with an 8-ball attached at the end. This can be used to either stealthfully knockout targets leaving others unaware or to just bash enemies if they’ve gotten too close.

Also, with the help of Dedsec’s 3D Printer, Marcus has a plethora of firearms and gadgets at his disposal if a firefight breaks out. You can approach Watch Dogs 2 in both a lethal or non-lethal way, allowing you to beat the entire game without killing a single person. This can be accomplished thanks to weapons such as the Stun Gun or making use of Marcus’ impressive parkour skills.

If you are looking to play online, Watch Dogs 2 features drop in/drop out co-op that allows you to complete various multiplayer missions or explore the stunningly recreated version of San Francisco. You can also work together and hunt down other hackers, by either turning your world or theirs against them. However, if you want to mess around offline Marcus can participate in some side activities such as drone racing.

There’s a lot to do in Watch Dogs 2, as it has given players one of the best looking open worlds of the modern era. If you are looking for an entertaining action/adventure game to play then consider grabbing this one. For our full written review of Watch Dogs 2, you can go here. Best of luck out there in cyberspace.

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