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Steep: How to Do Advanced Tricks


Steep: How to Do Advanced Tricks

Advanced Tricks – Steep

Hitting the slopes isn’t all about just making it to the bottom first. You’ll no doubt want to show off some creative flair with a few tricks, too. While we’ve already told you how to do some of the basic tricks in Steep, there are a couple of techniques that will help you change these into advanced tricks and rack up even more points.

When you’re pulling off a spin, flip, or grab, you can use the right stick and move it either left or right at any time to shift your body 90 degrees in that direction. This can be particularly helpful if you need a final helping hand to finish a risky rotation, or alternatively, it just looks dope when you’re flying majestically through the air.

The next thing you’ll want to try is switching up your basic grab tricks. Just before your hold down L2/LT or R2/RT, use the right analog stick to dictate the position of your character’s hand. You can change this again once you’re executing the grab by pushing the RS in any direction at any time.

The last little reminder is to turn off the Trick Safety option in the game settings. This is turned on by default and will prevent you doing tricks where the odds are against you landing it. Turning this off may see you getting lucky and finally landing those extravagant tricks you’ve been attempting. Even if it doesn’t help, you can always just turn it back on the exact same way you turned it off.

By combining grabs, flips, and spins, and adding a bit of additional flair with these advanced tricks, you’ll be racking up high scores and embarrassing your friends in no time.

For more tips, tricks, and guides for Steep, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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