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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Check IVs and Find the IV Judge


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Check IVs and Find the IV Judge

In the world of competitive Pokemon battling, your Pokemon’s IVs (individual values) are one of the most important stats you need to be aware of in addition to EVs (effort values), and Nature. In past games, you would need to find the IV checker NPC (usually in the post-game area) and speak to that person to have them check the IVs of Pokemon in your current party. Sun and Moon switches this up a bit (for the better).

First though you have to locate, and unlock the IV judge NPC. You must first unlock the Battle Tree area in Sun and Moon, and the IV judge will be there standing by the PC. He won’t check your IVs right away though. You need to first hatch a certain amount of Pokemon in order for him to preform his function. Utilize the nursery on the second island and start hatching eggs. We’ve heard varying reports from 20-40 eggs in order to impress the judge.

Once you’ve hatched enough eggs, you can begin checking your Pokemon’s IVs. Instead of having to speak to him 100(00)s of times, you can now just check the IVs of your Pokemon in your boxes by just simply hovering over them. A huge time saver for hardcore Pokemon breeders and battlers!

Remember, your goal is to have as many IVs as you can with “Best” as possible. That means the IVs are perfect. The best way to ensure you get perfect IVs is to use a Ditto with “Best” IVs, give it a Destiny Knot, and have it breed with the Pokemon you want. The Destiny Knot increases the chance that Ditto will pass its IVs (hopefully the ones that are “Best”) to the offspring Pokemon.

That does it for how to check your IVs and find the IV checker. For more Sun and Moon guides be sure to search Twinfinite!

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