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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find the Move Relearner


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Find the Move Relearner

In the world of competitive Pokemon battling, and even playing just for fun too, the Move Relearner move tutor is a super important NPC. What the Move Relearner does is let you relearn moves that your Pokemon either forgot, never learned at all, or in the case of Sun and Moon, even teaches moves you haven’t learned yet. It’s an incredibly helpful NPC to remember while training up Pokemon.

While the Move Relearner tutor is just as helpful as ever in Sun and Moon, it’s a little tougher to get to this time around. The NPC is found pretty late into the game at the Mount Lanakila Pokemon Center. She is in green by the Pokemon Mart section of the center.

As always, you will need to pony up your precious Heart Scales per use of the tutor’s services. Heart Scales can be found on the ground, but you can also pull them up while fishing. Also, Luvdiscs historically always have a high rate of carrying them. Try to always catch any Luvdiscs you come across, or steal the Heart Scales right off them with the Thief move learned by many Dark Pokemon.

That does it for where to find the Move Relearner in Pokemon Sun and Moon! If you’re looking for more Sun and Moon guides be sure to search Twinfinite!

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