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League of Legends Snowdown Skins Have Arrived, and Graves Has a Cigar Imposter [Update]


League of Legends Snowdown Skins Have Arrived, and Graves Has a Cigar Imposter [Update]

Nice try, sugar stick.

League of Legends’ latest Snowdown skins have dropped on the PBE. This year, Karma, Graves, and Braum are getting the holiday treatment, and as usual, it’s poros all around.

Santa Braum will be hitting the Rift with a fireplace shield, because only Braum could make a weapon of a chunk of your living room. His Glacial Fissure is a line of decorated Christmas trees springing from the ground, his Concussive Blows indicator is a reindeer poro, and Winter’s Bite throws giant gifts at enemies. In other words, Santa Braum is festive as hell.

Santa Braum left a dual snowblower-shotgun under the tree for Snow Day Graves, and it shoots all kinds of icy projectiles in-game. Members of the Graves cigar fanclub will notice Snow Day Graves’ candy cane. This sugar stick is substituting for his original splash’s cigar, which was removed to avoid troubles with various laws on the depiction of tobacco usage.

Last up is Winter Wonder Karma. No splash art as of yet, but her in-game model is appropriately icy. Update: we have a splash!

karma snowdown skin winter wonder league of legends

The tentative price for these Winter Snowdown skins is sitting at 1350RP each, though these are subject to change, as is anything that appears on the PBE.

If these skins have you in the holiday spirit, take a stroll through all the Snowdown skins of League of Legends past over here. And if you need a little less Christmas today, take a look at Elementalist Lux’s recently revealed splash art, as well as how to unlock all ten of her ultimate skin forms.

Update: You can check out all of the recall animations in Riot’s latest tweet below.

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