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Infinite Warfare Zombies: How to Get and Use Souvenir Coins


Infinite Warfare Zombies: How to Get and Use Souvenir Coins

Souvenir Coins – Infinite Warfare Zombies

Zombies in Spaceland offers players new methods to get different weapons to kill the zombies with. For example, the new Souvenir Coins are a very good way to earn better weapons. Essentially, these Souvenir Coins will randomly drop after killing zombies and will need to be put into a Souvenir Coin Machine.

There are tons of Machines scattered across the park, all you need to do is make sure that the power is on in the area, and you will be good to go. Every three Souvenir Coins you deposit, you will get a reward. You can only carry one Coin at a time, so make sure you deposit before trying to pick up another one. You will also be able to swap coins out and mix different combinations, which will lead to different rewards.

For example, you can get a Boombox that once activated all nearby zombies will dance to the beat playing. Don’t worry, once the timer is up, the Boombox will explode and kill all nearby zombies. This is just one of the many different rewards you can receive.

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