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Infinite Warfare Zombies: How to Ride the Rollercoaster


Infinite Warfare Zombies: How to Ride the Rollercoaster

Rollercoaster -Infinite Warfare Zombies

Zombies in Spaceland takes the classic mode to an abandoned theme park in the late 1980’s and gives it a brand new fresh feeling. Since you are playing in a theme park, it might be in your best interest to know where and how to ride the rollercoaster. Not to mention there’s a large number of tickets involved too. Here’s everything you will need to know about riding the rollercoaster in Zombies in Spaceland.

First, you will need to head over to the Polar Peak and turn on the power generator for that specific location. After you complete the first step, you will want to head on down into the rollercoaster and press Square/ X to get in to begin the ride. You will be equipped with an arcade style weapon to shoot alien targets. The more you shoot, the more tickets you will receive when the ride comes to an end. Do note that you are only allowed to ride once per scene and zombies will not attack you on the ride, but that doesn’t mean the clowns will stop.

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