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Infinite Warfare Zombies: All Fortune Cards and What They Do


Infinite Warfare Zombies: All Fortune Cards and What They Do

Fortune Cards – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies

Fate and Fortune cards in Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode can give you brief buffs to help you through particularly tricky rounds of Zombies in Spaceland.

While you can only hold five of the Fame and Fortune cards at once, there are a ton of different ones available to aid you on your journey. Here’s every Fortune card in Zombies in Spaceland. For those interested in the Fate cards, you can check out the full list here.

  • Refund Policy – Your next three purchases are refunded by 30%. Lasts for three rounds.
  • Home Remodel – Instantly rebuild window barriers with an increased reward. Lasts for five barriers.
  • Get Head – Headshots instantly kill zombies. Once 15 headshots have been landed.
  • Pimp Slap – Melee damage will instantly kill the enemy. Lasts for one wave.
  • On the Money – Your team is rewarded with a cash multiplier for your accuracy. Lasts for 120 seconds.
  • Power Play – Higher chance of getting a power-up drop. Lasts for two waves.
  • Ego Trip – Increases the damage of headshots. Lasts for 60 seconds
  • Pay Day – Spawn a double money power-up nearby. No duration.
  • Escape Route – Instantly teleport to a random safe location in the map. No duration.
  • Atomic Massacre – Use the Eraser for 30 seconds with infinite ammo.
  • Black Hole Fun – Use the Gravity Vortex gun for 30 seconds with infinite ammo.
  • Scratch Post – Use the claw for 30 seconds with infinite ammo.
  • Twice the Pain – Doubles bullet damage. Lasts for one wave.
  • Head Reloaded – Instantly reload held weapon after each headshot kill. Lasts for one wave.
  • Money Shot – Earn more cash for every bullet hit on zombies. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Hide N’ Seek – Zombies cannot find you or your team for 20 seconds.
  • Zombie Magnet – Get the attention of all zombies for 10 seconds.
  • Rising Phoenix – Revive all downed teammates. Single use only.
  • Slug Butt – Zombies will slow down to their slowest movement speed. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Raining Bullets – Spawn an infinite ammo power-up nearby. Lasts until the power-up is used.
  • Death’s Party – Spawn an Instakill power-up nearby. Lasts until the power-up is used.
  • All the Ammos – Spawn a Max Ammo power-up nearby. Lasts until the power-up is used.
  • Kaboom! – Spawn a Nuke power-up nearby. Lasts until the power-up is used.
  • Get Packed – Your next wall weapon purchase will be Pack-A-Punched. One wall buy only.
  • Super Minute Man – Increase the level of your weapon by one for 60 seconds.
  • Turn Coat – The next zombie that hits you becomes turned. Affects three zombies.
  • The 2-Team – While the teammate nearest to you has health, you will be invulnerable. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Restored Losses – Any missed bullet adds one more ammo to your equipped weapon’s ammo stock. Lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Black Friday – Spawn a Fire Sale power-up nearby. Lasts until the power-up is used.
  • Reanimated – Instantly self-revive after entering last stand. Lasts for one revive.
  • Perk Insured – Keep you perks when you are revived before bleeding out. Lasts for one revive.
  • Second Wind – Kill all nearby zombies until you are near death. Lasts for three near death experiences.
  • Coupon Clipper – The next purchase you make will be free. Lasts until used.
  • Punching Bag$ – Earn $100 every time you’re hit. Lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Packed Magic – The next weapon you pick up from the magic wheel will be upgraded. Lasts until magic wheel is used.
  • Dragon Breath – Use the F-Spar Torch for 30 seconds with infinite ammo.

That’s all of the Fortune Cards in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s zombies mode. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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