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Final Fantasy XV: What Rusted Bits Do


Final Fantasy XV: What Rusted Bits Do

Rusted Bits – Final Fantasy XV

As you head out on your journey across Eos in Final Fantasy XV, you may have found yourself picking up Rusted Bits. These aren’t particularly valuable, so you won’t really want to sell them, but they are worth keeping hold of for now.

You may find yourself popping a side quest called A Better Engine Blade during the second chapter that, if you choose to complete it, will see Cid make a bunch of upgrades to make your weaponry more powerful. As the title of the quest suggests, your Rusted Bits are going to come in handy for upgrading your Engine Blade, Noctis’ trusted weapon.

It just so happens that the very first upgrade that Cid can make for your Engine Blade requires just one Rusted Bit. These are incredibly common to find on your adventure around Eos, so finding one and getting the first upgrade shouldn’t be a problem. Once you’ve made the first upgrade, Cid will require other components to further upgrade your Engine Blade.

That’s all that Rusted Bits are used for, for now, but be sure to keep hold of them just in case they’re needed for other weaponry upgrades. We’ll keep you updated on any additional uses we discover.

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