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Final Fantasy XV Magic Spell Crafting Guide


Final Fantasy XV Magic Spell Crafting Guide

Spell Crafting – Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy XV takes a much different approach than fans may be used to when it comes to magic. Instead of learning spells and relying on MP to cast them, they are actually craftable consumables. You’ll need to use magical energy you find out in the world in order to make them. How you combine that energy, however, determines exactly what spell you’ll create.

Before we get into combinations, there are a few things to note. When spell crafting, you’ll notice a Potency value increasing on the bottom left of the screen, just under where the “Craft” button is. This is the power of your spell, and at every 100 points, the spell will change to a more powerful version. For example, Blizzard is your ice spell from 1-99, then Blizzarra from 100-199, then Blizzaga for anything 200 and above.

Also, there are only three different energies to choose from, and you have the option of adding one of your items as a catalyst. The energies are ice, fire, and electricity, which are the foundations of your Blizzard, Fire, and Thunder spells respectively. Catalysts can add extra effects to your spells, making things much more interesting. Now let’s get into base spells. 

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