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Final Fantasy XV: What Wait Mode Is and How to Turn it On


Final Fantasy XV: What Wait Mode Is and How to Turn it On

Wait – Final Fantasy XV

Combat in Final Fantasy XV can be pretty hectic and unforgiving. To help players, the developers included a setting called Wait that affects only combat. It slows the game down a bit to allow you to think about how you’re going to approach a fight (if you even decide to stick around).

To turn on the Wait mode, pause the game (Options/Menu Button) and choose Options, then Combat. You’ll be able to choose between Active or Wait. Once activated, time will stop when you stand still during combat. This gives you a moment to breathe and think. It doesn’t make the game turn-based, though, so expect whatever onslaught was happening to continue once you make even the slightest of movements.

That said, it does help to eliminate the constant moving around that you’ll have to do while thinking. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still have to move around if you hope to survive, but at least you don’t have to multitask and think while doing so.

It’s only a small tweak, but this setting makes the fights a lot more bearable, especially later on in Final Fantasy XV when the enemy variety increases and you find yourself begging for a reprieve.

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