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Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon Shiva


Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon Shiva

Summoning Shiva – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV’s summons are god-like beings called Astrals, known by the people of Eos as “The Six.” Legends of their power and exploits have been passed down for generations, as they have been known to help kings and have even helped to shape the world. Throughout the game, you will meet these beings and even gain the support of them, allowing you to summon them in desperate moments. One of the Astrals is Shiva, the Glacian. Shiva is one of the last you’ll encounter, and is quite powerful.

As you may already know, summoning in Final Fantasy XV can seem somewhat random. But it turns out that each of the Astrals, including Shiva, has a set of requirements that dictate who offers their aid to Noctis and his party. Shiva happens to be the most random, though she does have the most possible requirements as well. She can appear in the same circumstances that call forth Ramuh, Leviathan, and Titan.

That means she has a slight chance of appearing when:

  • An ally has fallen in battle.
  • The current battle is dragging on for too long.
  • Noctis is at risk of dying.

Since these apply to the other summons as well, you have a chance to get one or the other. Shiva proves to be very powerful, though, clearing out most enemies, and freezing those she can’t instantly kill, giving you a temporary advantage over powerful foes.

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