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Final Fantasy XV: How to Raise Prompto’s Photo Level


Final Fantasy XV: How to Raise Prompto’s Photo Level

Prompto’s Photo Level – Final Fantasy XV

While Noctis has his fishing, Gladiolus has survival, and Ignis has cooking skills that you’ll raise during your adventure in Final Fantasy XV, Prompto’s is photography. Throughout your adventure, Prompto can be seen snapping photos of your merry band of adventures on your journey around Eos. To raise this, you’ll need to let Prompto simply take as many photos as possible, however, there’s one way you can make things go a little quicker.

First things first, buy the “Snapshot” ascension which will allow Promtpo to take a picture in combat for one tech bar. Next, you’ll want to get the Tech Strike, Tech Damage, and Quick Tech ascensions from the Technique section. These will allow your tech bar replenish much faster, meaning you can get Prompto to take more photos of your mid-battle. Now that you’ve got all of the ascensions you need, simply take a photo as soon as you fill one tech bar every time you enter battle and you’ll soon find his photo level increasing.

If you’re looking to grab the trophies/ achievements tied to this level, then this is the fastest way to see you adding them to your list. Otherwise, it’s simply a case of letting his skill level increase eventually from his automatic snaps.

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