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Final Fantasy XV: How to Get All Summons


Final Fantasy XV: How to Get All Summons

Get All Summons – Final Fantasy XV

To help make life a bit easier as you fight through Eos, the world of Final Fantasy XV, there are powerful beings you can summon to aid you when your back is pinned against a wall. In the latest entry to the Final Fantasy franchise, they are known as Astrals, six powerful beings who arrived on the planet and have played major parts in the fight against the darkness ever since. In order to gain access to all of the summons, you’re going to have to play through Final Fantasy XV’s story. There will be trials that you must overcome in order to gain their favor, with some even requiring you to face them in battle. Let’s get to it.

Titan the Archaean (How to Summon) – Titan is actually the very first of the summons you’ll gain in Final Fantasy XV. One of the earlier quests, titled “The Way of Gods and Kings,” will send you to explore the Disc of Cauthess. This series of events will lead you to the Trial of Titan, which tasks you with defeating the Astral in combat. It looks a lot more difficult than it is. Simply focus solely on Titan, dodging the entire time and waiting for a parry opportunity. Other enemies will appear, but pay them no mind as the Titan will kill them. Just hold down the phase button (Square/X) and pay no mind to anyone else. Your team should stay alive, but make sure to heal them if they struggle. Once the fight is over, you will gain the Mark of the Archaen.

Ramuh the Fulgurian (How to Summon) – Ramuh is known as the Stormsender, thanks to his ability to call down massive bolts of lightning, scorching anything unlucky enough to be caught in their blast. His trial is unlocked immediately after dealing with Titan. You’ll be tasked with interacting with three runestones which will be marked on your map. Each one will be guarded by enemies, but none are too bad. The toughest one will take you into the dungeon Fociaugh Hollow, where you’ll encounter your first really tough enemy, Naga. This huge poisonous snake can turn you and your allies into toads, so be wary of its breath. It can also petrify you, so stay to it’s side or behind it. Use the Warp Points around the battle area to stay out of reach, and Fira to keep it weak. Once defeated you can advance to the final totem where you will receive the Mark of the Fulgurian.

Leviathan the Hydraean (How to Summon) – This huge, dragon-like Astral is the goddess of the sea, controlling water in order to decimate entire armies. Her trial is a simple one, you will have to defeat her in battle. To access her trial, follow the story which will take you to Altissia, where Lunafreya is there to created a covenant with Leviathan. Tired of helping men who are weak, the Leviathan refuses to budge and begins to destroy the city. You must race over and face her. You will get your ass handed to you, but don’t worry, that’s supposed to happen. After a really heartbreaking moment, the power of the kings will awaken within Noctis allowing him to take on the Hydraean as equals. Just stay locked on, firing endless swords as it swirls around you, and be ready for the QTE that pops up every so often. In time, it will fall and you’ll gain the Mark of the Hydraean, adding to your growing list of summons.

Shiva the Glacean (How to Summon) – Shiva’s trial is a bit different, as it sort of just happens while you’re trying to reach Tenebrae. As far as everyone knew, Shiva was killed by the Imperials, and you can see a large frozen corpse laying near the tracks as you travel on a huge train. Yet, something manages to freeze everything in place, leaving Noctis and his friends to take out the nearby Daemons. As the temperature drops, more enemies will continue to spawn until you fight a powerful Deathclaw. Once defeated, Gentiana will reveal herself as Shiva, adding herself to your available summons and granting you the Mark of the Glacean.

Bahamut the Draconian (How to Summon) – Bahamut is a huge Astral, resembling a knight in dragon armor with powerful blades serving as his wings. He actually doesn’t have a trial at all. Instead, you meet him after completing Chapter 13, when you end up inside the Crystal. After teaching you about your true destiny he grants you the Mark of the Draconian before leaving you to float for the next 10 years.

Ifrit the Infernian (How to Summon) – Ifrit is actually the penultimate boss in Final Fantasy XV. This member of “The Six” never took sides with the humans and has no interest in helping to push back the darkness. It is a challenging fight, possibly among the toughest you will have faced when you finally reach him. He burns everything around him and moves about the combat area very quickly. You’ll have to rely on dodging and parries while dishing out damage whenever you can. Halfway through the fight, Bahamut will show up to help you lop off one of Ifrit’s horns, weakening him. As the fight drags on, with the fiery god becoming more enraged, he’ll increase his flames, making the mere act of standing near him a dangerous endeavor. Continue with the dodging and parrying until another of your summons, Shiva, appears to finish him off with her Diamond Dust. When all is said and done, you will receive the Infernian’s Shard.

There they all are. Have fun as you scour the land of Eos for the power of the gods.

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