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Final Fantasy XV: How to Fix Screen Cut Off


Final Fantasy XV: How to Fix Screen Cut Off

Screen Cut Off – Final Fantasy XV

After a 10-year development cycle, Final Fantasy XV is finally out and players will be busy exploring the world of Eos with Noctis and his friends. Unfortunately, some players are finding that the game isn’t quite fitting correctly on their screen, leading some of the HUD to be cut off the screen.

Of course, screen cut off is a bit of a nuisance, and while both the PS4 and Xbox One have methods to adjust the screen display in the system settings themselves, this doesn’t always make a difference when playing some games. Final Fantasy XV is one such game, and as a result, players have been trying to find the option to alter the screen display area in the game.

Currently, there is no setting in the game to fix screen cut off. And while some players have found ways to fix this by adjusting their TV settings (more on this in a moment), others have taken to posting in the Final Fantasy XV forums to voice their complaints. While this may not be the best solution, Square Enix does seem to have picked up on the issue. Hopefully, if people continue to state the problem, a fix for screen cut off may be added into the game itself.

If you have a modern TV, you may find that you can fix screen cut off in your TV’s settings. Simply look for a screen display option that will be something along the lines of ‘Ratio’ or ‘Display Settings’ and try setting this to Auto. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, try flicking through the alternatives to see if anything makes it better. With so many different manufacturers and models, there are a number of different display settings that can alter the way you see the image on your TV, so experiment and see what works as a temporary fix.

Though not ideal, these are currently your only options for fixing screen cut off aside from picking up a whole new TV. But hopefully, the issue will be resolved in a future update. Whether or not this will actually happen, as well as when the update would arrive, remains to be seen. If any news does arise, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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