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Final Fantasy XV: How to Craft a Stop Spell


Final Fantasy XV: How to Craft a Stop Spell

Stop Spell – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV switches up the spell system by having players craft them themselves. When jumping in, you may notice that all the base spells revolve around three elements: fire, ice, and lightning. But you can actually create spells that have effects which have nothing to do with those elements. One powerful spell that has been around for as long as Final Fantasy fans can remember is Stop. It freezes enemies in place for a short period of time, allowing you to get in and wreck their faces.

To craft Stop in Final Fantasy XV, you’ll need a catalyst that can be added to any of your elemental spells. There are tons of items in the game that can alter spells, but only these transform them into Stop:

  • Maiden’s Kiss
  • Broken Harmonica
  • Star Shell
  • Ancient Dragon Tooth
  • Ammonite Fossil
  • Fossil Wood
  • Fossil Shell

As long as you add any one of these items to your concoction of elemental energies, you’ll have the spell you’ve been looking for. Do keep in mind, however, that it may not affect all enemies in the same way. Stronger enemies may shrug it off, or only pause for a brief moment. So pay attention to how enemies react after casting.

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