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Final Fantasy XV: How to Change Music In the Car (Regalia)


Final Fantasy XV: How to Change Music In the Car (Regalia)

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Changing Music In the Car – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has a heavy focus on using the car to get around the world of Eos. While you’re driving around in the Regalia you can take in the gorgeous sights, and even turn on some music. There are a ton of tracks to listen to in the game, with music from things like Kingsglaive, Justice Monsters Five, and even over 200 tracks from across the Final Fantasy series.

When you’re in the Regalia simply hit up on the D-pad to turn on your radio and start playing music. After this, you can use the left and right directions on the D-pad to flip between songs. If you hold down the button you’ll flip between albums, and lightly tapping it cycles to the next song. Each Final Fantasy game or property is its own album, so for example you have the Final Fantasy IV album and the Kingsglaive album.

Although you only start out with a few songs and albums, you can get more by purchasing them from the merchants scattered around the world.

For more help, tips, and guides on Final Fantasy XV keep checking back with Twinfinite. Make sure to take a look at our extensive wiki for anything you might need.

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