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Final Fantasy XV Cindy Character Bio


Final Fantasy XV Cindy Character Bio

Cindy’s got that southern charm.


Cindy Aurum is a mechanic in Final Fantasy XV, and first appears to Noctis and his group when their car breaks down while driving through Leide in the Kingdom of Lucis. They arrive at Hammerhead garage to get it fixed, and meet the automotive specialist, Cindy.

With a thick southern-accent, she assures Noctis and friends she can fix up their car no problem. Her knowledge of machinery is no doubt learned from her grandfather Cid, who is a recurring character in the series. Well, in different iterations, he is.

After this first interaction, Cindy continually pops up throughout the main story-line. Talking to her allows players to repair any damages their vehicle may have acquired and customize its appearance. Since she is the only character in the game who can undergo these functions, those who want to customize and upkeep the gang’s Regalia car will have to seek her out to do so.

Her official description reads:

“Belle of the body shop who handles the day to day business while her cranky grandfather tinkers away in the garage. Cindy is an accomplished mechanic herself, and assists Noct and the gang’s trusty car, the Regalia.”

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