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You Can’t Drift in Final Fantasy XV… Unless You’re on a Chocobo


You Can’t Drift in Final Fantasy XV… Unless You’re on a Chocobo

Fast & Furious: Chocobo Drift

Final Fantasy XV is finally set to release on the PS4 and Xbox One after ten long years of development. We’re happy to say that it proved to be well worth the wait, but there were some interesting design choices when creating the highly anticipated sequel. When the game was first revealed, the Regalia (the royal vehicle you’ll use on your journey) was shown off quite a bit along with the road trip premise. There must have been tons of fans waiting to put their pedal to the medal and drift around the open roads.

Except you can’t… in a car, at least. While Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia is beautiful and can even fly with the proper upgrade, it’s actually pretty slow and can’t drift, no matter how many buttons you press. That doesn’t mean your Tokyo Drift dreams are dead, though. There is one way to get your Fast & Furious on, you just need a very large bird.


Chocobos, in all of their feathered glory, can drop it low and drift around corners to give you an edge in races or while riding around the open world. Just watching them drop their body to the ground and spread their wings as they let out an excited “wheee” is mesmerizing. Just look at how much control it has.


It’s a bit odd that your high-tech vehicle can’t pull of this impressive feat, but at least something in the game can. Have fun navigating those tracks as you drift to victory!

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