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Final Fantasy XV: How to Customize the Car (Regalia)


Final Fantasy XV: How to Customize the Car (Regalia)

Customizing the Regalia Car – Final Fantasy XV

The Regalia is your trusty car in Final Fantasy XV, and it’s a pretty fancy jet black ride. It doesn’t have to stay that way however, as there are quite a few customization options that you have access to.

With the Regalia, you’re able to customize the car’s color, the interior color, rim color, and even apply a huge selection of stickers and decals to the car. There are, of course, some alternate skins for the car that come as pre-order bonuses and the like. However, you can also find ores as collectibles scattered throughout Final Fantasy XV’s world that will let you customize the color of the car. As you find more of these collectibles, your options will increase. Likewise, stickers and decals can be bought from many stores and merchants.

In order to partake in these options, you’ll need to talk to Cindy Aurum, the mechanic of the Hammerhead Garage. For much of the game she can be found right outside the Hammerhead itself, and talking to her will bring up a wealth of customization options. Do note, that she’ll also repair the Regalia if it’s damaged.

Whenever you want to change the look of your Regalia, simply head over to the Hammerhead, or one of the other gas stations she’s found at. Make sure to keep an eye out for any shops and collectibles that might help you get more customization options.

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