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Final Fantasy XV Day One Patch Notes Detailed

final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV Day One Patch Notes Detailed

The Crown Update brings new abilities and changes

The day one patch notes for Final Fantasy XV have been revealed, and there is an extensive list of additions and tweaks made to the game.

Square Enix’s ‘Crown Update’, as it’s called, has been detailed on the game’s official website and has been translated by Nova Crystallis. It’s quite hefty: although there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the developer, the update reportedly weighs in at around 7.2 Gb. This has been reported by various players who have had early access to the game.

Battle screen effects overlays make players able to more easily read the health status of the characters, while new updated abilities like “Shift (Warp) Magic” and “Shift (Warp) Drop Kick” have also been introduced.

Square Enix has said on the patch: “The Crown Update is the result of some additional time for development since mastering the full game. [It] provides a variety of updates, minor bug fixes and new features to greatly enhance the overall story and gameplay experience.”

For details on the full patch notes, head over here, to see them fully translated. Final Fantasy XV is released on Nov. 29.

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