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Dishonored 2 Winslow Safe Combination Guide


Dishonored 2 Winslow Safe Combination Guide

Winslow Safe Combination – Dishonored 2

Mission 2 of Dishonored 2 will see you facing one of the game’s first safes, the Winslow Safe. As most safe boxes, you’ll need to enter a specific combination to open the door and collect the valuables inside.

To find the safe, head to Addermire station and enter the store across the street. Towards the back on the first floor, underneath a set of stairs, you’ll find Winslow safe, along with some signs that dare you to unlock it. Luckily, this is a terribly protected safe, and the Winslow safe combination is extremely close.

To the left of the safe, you’ll find a cash register. Inside is a note containing the safe code. The Winslow safe combination is randomly generated, so unfortunately, we can’t just give you a number. You’ll have to check this cash register out for your working code.

Head back to the safe, enter this combination, and you’ll be rewarded with a gold ingot, two silver ingots, a bone charm, a pistol, and pistol bullets.

Throughout Dishonored 2, you’ll find most safe codes near the locks themselves. Keep a keen eye out, and you should be able to crack open most of these boxes.

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