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Dishonored 2: How to Get the Heart Whispers Trophy / Achievement


Dishonored 2: How to Get the Heart Whispers Trophy / Achievement

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Dishonored 2 has been released upon the world and with comes a slew of new trophies and achievements for players to hunt down. Many of them are easily missable due to many of these achievements being tied to specific powers or hear you may or may not have. Heart Whispers is a fairly easy trophy to unlock, but it can be completely neglected if you don’t use the heart’s secondary mechanic.

To unlock Heart Whispers you will need to listen in on 40 different individuals private secrets as told by the spectral form of your dead mother. The second mission is ideal for this because you will be dropped off in an open fish market full of different, non-hostile NPC’s. Pull out your heart and hit L2 while aiming your crosshairs at one of them. Soon you will hear your mother begin to spill all their macabre secrets in detail.

Slowly make your way through the marketplace, making sure to stop by the whale on the left side as there are at least 5 men just standing around. Some of these secrets may repeat, but that’s okay as this achievement will unlock eventually. If you listen to the secret of every NPC and guard you should easily have this by either the end of the second mission or by the middle of the third.

Not only will doing this nab you some extra points for your gamerscore, but it allows Dishonored 2 to flesh out its world in a unique and interesting way. We recommend listening in on secrets well past the time you finish hearing 40 secrets, as it could provide valuable insight on key targets or people.

Make sure to visit our ever-expanding Dishonored 2 wiki for all your tips, tricks, guides, and trophy/achievement walkthroughs.

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