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Dishonored 2: How to Get The Fearless Fall Trophy & Achievement


Dishonored 2: How to Get The Fearless Fall Trophy & Achievement

Leap of faith… Sort of.

There are a lot of flashy ways to kills people in Dishonored 2, but none may be more satisfying than jumping off a tall building and landing on an opponent. Drop assassinations are one of those methods which requires you to leap off of a building or ledge and land directly on the target, killing or knocking them out instantly. If you want to nab the Fearless Fall trophy then you’re going to need to jump off of Addermine’s highest point and land a drop assassination. Now this sounds a lot trickier than it really is because you can exploit the enemies attraction to noise for your kill.

To start off, make your way to the very top floor of Addermine until you reach an area with a desk to your left and a door to the balcony on your right. Dispatch the two guards talking and head outside, using your Blink/Far Reach ability to scale the building directly in front of you. Use the smoke towers and pipes to reach the roof of Addermine and head towards the corner that faces the greenhouse and gazebo.

Make sure to create a Quick Save file in case you miss the jump and instantly kill yourself. Take out a grenade and aim for the floor between the gazebo and you. Cook the grenade and toss it below you letting the explosion’s noise draw the guard hanging around to your position. Take a step back and then sprint towards the edge of the roof so you can get enough distance with your jump. As you fall watch for the drop assassination icon to appear and hit it as fast as possible. If you time it right, Emily/Corvo will land right on the guard and instantly kill them.

It may take a few tries to nab this Dishonored 2 trophy, but if you are patient this one will be all yours. Just make sure to not make a habit of leaping off extremely tall buildings with the hopes that someone will break your fall. Make sure to visit our ever-expanding Dishonored 2 wiki for all your tips, tricks, guides, and trophy and achievement walkthroughs.

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