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7 Video Game Rats That are Worse Than the Plague


7 Video Game Rats That are Worse Than the Plague

Filthy vermin.

Royal Rat Vanguard – Dark Souls II

Dark Souls, Rats

Rats are one of those essential video game enemies that rarely can muster up anything close to a fight. In most titles, they are portrayed as quite weak and sometimes serve as tutorial foes for players to practice on. However, there are some rats that are far more dangerous that can easily kill a player who underestimates them. Then there are some video game rats that are just a nuisance who only appear to exist to annoy players. If you are looking for even more of a reason to hate rats here are 7 of them who are just the worst.

The Dark Souls series is known for delivering punishing bosses and the Royal Rat Vanguard found in The Gutter are a fantastic example of this. While they may be one of the game’s easier bosses, it’s incredibly easy to get cornered and poisoned to death. Since this is a swarming foe expect to deal with a lot of angry rats during this fight while you try to kill the lead one who sprouts a stylish mohawk to intimidate his foes.

Given that there is an endless amount of rats that flood in, this fight can easily spin out of control if you aren’t fast or using the correct weapons. But hey, at least there’s a bonfire literally right next to the door, right?

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