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10 Anticipated Games We Know Way Too Little About


10 Anticipated Games We Know Way Too Little About

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Detroit: Become Human

detroit: become human

Ever since we were first introduced to Kara in a tech demo from Quantic Dream, players have been eager to find out more about the android. What was she doing? What world did she live in? What was the bigger picture? Thankfully, Quantic Dream acknowledged fans’ love for Kara, and expanded her story into the upcoming Detroit: Become Human.

Revolving around several playable androids, Detroit: Become Human will follow many of the same gameplay traits that Quantic’s former titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have been based on. Player choices will play a crucial role in determining the fate of the characters you control as well as the outcome of the larger story. If you’re a fan of narrative-based games, Detroit: Become Human is certainly one you’re going to want to keep an eye on. Unfortunately, Quantic hasn’t given word on a release date, or provided us with many details in the past year, but we’re hopeful we’ll find out more on the game at PlayStation Experience in December.

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