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Top 5 Best Video Games We Couldn’t Put Down in 2016


Top 5 Best Video Games We Couldn’t Put Down in 2016

Must. Stop. Playing.

Stardew Valley

stardew valley featured

Ever since Stardew Valley released back in February, we haven’t been able to stop tending to our crops and farm animals, or courting that special someone in the village, and building the biggest and best farm there ever was. What is essentially a rip-off of Harvest Moon, albeit with a number of cool additions, was exactly what many players had been wanting from Natsume instead of their hot takes on the series.

Whether it was simply focusing on growing our crops, or whether we explored the depths of the cave in town, there was always something interesting and exciting to do in Stardew Valley. Its relaxing aesthetic combined with its calming gameplay was the perfect thing to turn on and immerse yourself in after a long day at the office… or of the more violent gameplay of other titles.

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