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Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition Announced

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition Announced

EA has officially announced that they will release an “Ultimate Edition” of Star Wars Battlefront this holidays. The news comes in the same week Lucasfilms revealed that Donald Glover will play the part of a young Lando Callrisian in an upcoming film about Han Solo.

With the original, base game reaching its first birthday this week what better way to celebrate than with the news that fans will be able to pick up the entire Battlefront experience in one package? The Ultimate Edition will give players access to weapons such as the Ion Torpedo and DL-44 Blaster which previously came as part of the Deluxe edition.

As well as weapons, the Ultimate Edition will also include content from the Season Pass, allowing users to battle it out on the Death Star, Bespin, and the Outer Rim. On top of that, the release of Rogue One in theaters will bring its own Battlefront tie-in. This fourth expansion to the Battlefront universe will be set on Scarif, a tropical-based planet said to be home to the Empire. Specific details surrounding the release date of the new expansion are not yet clear. That being said, with Rogue One set to be released December 16th it shouldn’t be far behind.

Meanwhile, Playstation VR owners can also expect a holiday release for the exclusive X-Wing VR Mission developed by DICE and Criterion Games. The mission will be free to anyone that owns a copy of Battlefront. Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate edition will be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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This post was originally written by Jared Moore.

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