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Deadpool Director Not Returning for Sequel, Cites “Creative Differences”


Deadpool Director Not Returning for Sequel, Cites “Creative Differences”

Let’s hope Ryan knows what he’s doing,

As first reported by Deadline, director Tim Miller has announced he will not return to direct Fox’s sequel to their enormously successful Deadpool film. Miller reportedly “hadn’t formally signed a deal to continue” but had been “developing the script,” intending to helm the sequel, though after a series of “creative differences” with the film’s star and producer Ryan Reynolds, Miller has announced his departure from the Deadpool franchise.

Supposedly the split was amicable, and Miller will go on to continue working at Fox, now joining Influx, which is an adaption of a Daniel Suarez novel with a script penned by Mark Bomback. Influx will be the first in a trilogy. Even so, this will disappoint fans of the first film well-known for its offbeat humor and mature themes for a superhero movie, more akin to Marvel’s Jessica Jones or Daredevil, or Hugh Jackman’s last X-Men film, Logan.

Deadpool came to theaters last February and went on to become the highest grossing R-rated film of all time, earning a reported USD $780 million. The sequel is to introduce famed characters Cable, who Kyle Chandler is in the running to play, and Domino, who has a list of actresses including Lizzy Caplan and Mary Elizabeth Winstead that are being looked at for the role.

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This post was originally written by Ruben Circelli.

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