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Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Walkthrough


Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Walkthrough

Demo Walkthrough – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon isn’t out just yet, but players can already jump into the action thanks to the demo that released today. For those of you wanting a bit of a helping hand making your way through the demo, we’ve got you covered with a step by step guide on how to get to the end.

First off, once the cutscene has finished and you’ve gotten your Ash-Greninja from a mysterious sender, leave the City Hall and you’ll be greeted by Hau. After a brief conversation, two Team Skull Grunts will appear and it’ll be down to you and Hau to take them down. Use Water Shuriken on the Yungoo and you’ll take it down in one hit.

From here, you’ll be heading North to the Pokemon Center where Hau will give you a Super Potion and explain this is where you’ll want to head to if you ever need to revive your fainted Pokemon. Once you’ve headed back outside, you’ll bump into Professor Kukui, who will tell you of the Trial that is a tradition in Alola. When you’re ready to do so, head North and speak to the guy at the top of the path to go to Ten Carat Hill and take the Trial.

Head North through the tall grass and defeat any Pokemon you come across. There’s a Pokemon Trainer just before the entrance to Ten Carat Hill but he won’t be too problematic for your Ash-Greninja either.

When you’ve finally reached the inside of Ten Carat Hill, speak to the Professor to be given your Poke Finder. He’ll also lend you his Pikachu should you need it, although your Ash-Greninja is plenty powerful. This is what you’ll use to take photographs of Pokemon out in the wild. However, in the case of this Trial, you’ll need to take photos of two Jangmo-o and two Hakamo-o.

To find the first one, look at the wall with a gap in it directly to the left of the Professor. Press A and you’ll be able to bring up your Poke Finder. Use either R or A when in the viewfinder view to snap a photo of the Jangmo-o, then prepare to battle it. Defeat it and the Professor will warn you that once you snap a picture, Jangmo-o are likely to attack you. Good to know.

For the second Jangmo-o follow the path to the left of the Professor and where the path splits take the top route. There’s another wall similar to the one from before. Repeat the process to snap a photo and defeat the startled Jangmo-o.

Moving onto the Hakamo-o, keep heading left and look for the familiar-looking wall at the end. Rinse and repeat the process. For the fourth and final Pokemon we need to grab a photo of, head out the cave through the entrance you hear the noise coming from and head North. You’ll be prompted to bring up your Poke Finder. Snap a photo of the Hakamo-o and prepare for battle.

This will be a little tougher than your previous battles as this is a Totem Pokemon. However, if you use Aerial Ace against the Hakamo-o you should still win with relative ease. Even with the Hakamo-o bringing in a Rockruff, your Ash-Greninja’s Water Shuriken will likely take it down.

With the challenge completed, the Professor will reward you with a Z-Ring and Z-Crystal called ‘Electrium Z.’ The perfect crystal for that Pikachu he leant to you.

Of course, it wouldn’t be long before Team Skull popped up again and this time you’ll have to take care of Admin Plumeria in the final battle of the demo. She’ll have a Golbat but check out Pikachu’s Z-Move and you’ll take it down in one hit. With the battle out of the way, the demo is over.

You’ll be free to try out the ability to ride a Tauros in the world afterwards, but the main bulk of the gameplay ends once the battle with Plumeria is complete.

For more tips, tricks, and guides for Pokemon Sun and Moon, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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