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PlayStation VR: How Much Room You Really Need


PlayStation VR: How Much Room You Really Need

How Much Room – PlayStation VR

With the release of Sony’s PlayStation VR headsets comes a brand new way to play and interact with your games. By being able to look around our in-game environments by moving our head, and interacting with objects thanks to the PS Move controllers, PlayStation VR requires a little more room for you to move around in.

Now, according to the documentation that comes with the headset you’ll need a pretty large Play Area for optimal playing. The specific measurements they recommend are 9.8′ of depth and 6.2′ of width, including a two-foot dead zone in front of your PlayStation Camera. While this will be perfectly fine for many players who play in their main room it may be a bit of a squeeze for others.

Personally, I found that the experience worked perfectly fine with no issues in a much smaller area. As long as you can sit a good five or six feet back, and can move your arms around freely enough without hitting something then you’re going to be fine. The main thing you’ll need to ensure is during the set-up that your PSVR’s display can fit inside the box displayed on your screen by the camera. You may have to adjust your camera, but once that’s done you’re all set.

While you can play in a smaller area, it is still worth noting that for an optimal and safe playing experience you’re best going by Sony’s guidelines. However, if that simply isn’t possible, rest assured that your PSVR won’t just stop you from playing altogether.

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