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Mafia III: How to Heal Yourself After Taking Damage


Mafia III: How to Heal Yourself After Taking Damage

Heal – Mafia III

Even though you’re a well-trained war veteran in Mafia III, you will take damage as Lincoln. Whether it’s from the environment or the 10 police officers you just threatened, your health will drop and you’ll need to recover if you want to survive. In order to keep yourself in the fight, don’t worry, there are certainly ways to heal yourself while playing through Mafia III.

One way that heals a lot of your health instantly, and should be reserved for when you’re in dire straits, is to use Medicine Cabinets to get Adrenaline Shots. These are marked on your mini-map as green boxes with a cross in the middle (the universal video game symbol for a healing item). Walk up to the cabinet and hold Square/X to grab a shot. Once you have the shot, hold up on the d-pad to use it and heal instantly. You can only use a cabinet once, so make it count. That’s why these should definitely be reserved.

The second way, which is much slower, is to just wait it out. Find cover, get out of enemy sight, and just catch a breather for a little while, and you should return to fighting form in no time. It’s gaming’s invisible healing angel, back at it again in this game.

For more help with Mafia III, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for tips, guides, and more!

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